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Posted by Kriss Stevens & Scott Manley on 11/4/2019

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Putting your home on the market during fall means that you might have to work a bit harder at attracting potential home buyers to your open house, but the extra effort is well worth it. In fact, 83 percent of buyers' agents surveyed by the National Association of Realtors stated that home staging helps buyers see a house on the market as their new home. 

The housing market overall tends to be slower in fall compared to spring and summer, but this time of year offers some great opportunities to add seasonal touches that give your home an inviting appeal. Keep the following home staging ideas in mind to make your open house a success this fall.

Spruce Up Your Home with Seasonal Decor

Adding fall decor to your porch and your home’s interior can create a cheerful environment, but be careful not to go overboard. Putting too many seasonal decor items out can make your home look and feel cluttered, resulting in an unfavorable impression on home buyers. Consider using a light touch instead, such as placing an autumn wreath on your door or putting a fall centerpiece with decorative gourds and seasonal flowers on your dining room table.

Light Up Your Open House

If you have an open house in the evening, especially later on in fall, keep in mind that it might be dark out when your buyers arrive. Your home should be well-lit inside, and your front porch light should be on to greet them. For afternoon open houses, let natural light brighten up your home, and turn on a few lights in dimmer areas as needed.

Create a Cozy Environment

Fall’s cooler days and earlier evenings give you an ideal chance to encourage potential home buyers to stick around longer during your open house. Creating a cozy atmosphere keeps your open house visitors comfortable while also helping them see your home as their home one day. A simple way to do this is by placing soft throws and accent pillows on your sofa and chairs for added comfort. If you have a fireplace, consider using it for your evening or afternoon open house to make your home feel even more welcoming.

Add an Autumnal Aroma

Seasonal scents for fall, such as cinnamon, pumpkin or apple, can give your house a pleasant smell that makes buyers feel at home when they walk through your front door. You can burn a fall-scented candle, as long as the smell won’t get too strong. You can also add a seasonal aroma and give buyers freshly baked goods to enjoy by making an autumn treat, such as an apple pie or cinnamon bread, shortly before your open house.

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market this fall, feel free to give me a call.

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Posted by Kriss Stevens & Scott Manley on 9/2/2018

Ready to purchase a home this fall? To land your dream house at a price that fits your budget, you'll want to know exactly what it takes to browse the real estate market in autumn.

Ultimately, securing a home in fall can be quick and simple, particularly for homebuyers who understand the ins and outs of the autumn housing market. Here are three tips that every homebuyer needs to know to find a house in fall:

1. Examine the Autumn Housing Market Closely

In many instances, a home seller may list a house at the beginning of summer in the hopes of a quick sale. However, a home seller who fails to generate significant interest in his or her residence may be more likely to lower the price of the house to sell the property in autumn.

Homebuyers who study the fall real estate market may be able to identify bargains. These homebuyers should look at factors such as how long a home has been available and the prices of comparable houses in a specific area and plan accordingly.

Furthermore, don't forget to consider your personal budget as you search for homes in autumn. By doing so, you can avoid the temptation to overspend on a residence.

2. Submit Competitive Offers

In fall, if you find a home that you like, you should submit a competitive offer. This may enable you to secure your dream home and accelerate the homebuying process.

Ideally, you should submit a data-based offer, i.e. a proposal that takes into account the current state of the real estate market and the condition of the home. With this proposal, you'll be able to minimize the risk that a home seller will decline your offer or submit a counter-offer.

Although a home may have lingered on the housing market throughout summer and into fall, there is no need to submit a "lowball" proposal, either. Remember, if you submit an offer that is well-below a home seller's asking price, you may miss out on the opportunity to purchase your dream home. But if you submit a competitive offer from the get-go, you can avoid this risk entirely.

3. Collaborate with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

For homebuyers who want to avoid stress as they explore the real estate market, there may be no better option than hiring an experienced real estate agent.

An experienced real estate agent will be happy to help you find your dream home in fall. This real estate professional can set up home showings, provide you with in-depth home listings and help you prepare to submit an offer on a home. Plus, your real estate agent knows how to handle tough negotiations and will work on your behalf to help you secure your dream home at the best price.

Employ an experienced real estate to help you go from homebuyer to homeowner this autumn. With a real estate professional at your side, you can accelerate the homebuying process.

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Posted by Kriss Stevens & Scott Manley on 11/18/2011

Serving the perfect Thanksgiving Day turkey can give even the best cook holiday anxiety. Each year turkey hotlines get thousands of calls from distressed cooks. If you are hosting the holiday feast this year there are ways to get your Thanksgiving Day off the stunning success. Here are some tips to create the perfect turkey dinner. Start with the Turkey When ordering your whole turkey, allow at least 1 pound per person. If you love leftovers add 1/2 pound per person. Turkey Tool Box To have the perfect turkey you will need the right tools. Here are a few things you will want to have on hand: •Heavy duty roasting pan with rack •Trussing string •Aluminum Foil •Baster •Fat separator •Wire whisk •Sharpened carving set. •Meat thermometer Be Safe The most important part of cooking a turkey is to practice safe turkey handling. Here are some musts for turkey preparation: •Make sure that raw turkey or its juices do not come into contact with other foods. •Wash your hands, utensils and surfaces the turkey touches with hot water and soap. •Use a meat thermometer to check for the proper internal temperature. To Stuff or Not To Stuff? This comes down to a matter of preference but if you do stuff you will want to ensure to follow these important steps: •Estimate about one cup of stuffing per pound of turkey. •Add about 5 to 7 minutes per pound for a stuffed bird. •You will need to check the temperature of the bird and the stuffing before serving. The stuffing must register at least 160°F before it is safe to eat. •Never stuff the bird ahead of time. Stuff it just before putting in the oven. Turkey Cooking Tips There are lots of factors that go into creating the perfect turkey, here are some general guidelines: •Remove the giblets before seasoning and cooking. •Fresh turkeys must be refrigerated immediately. Frozen turkeys should be defrosted in the refrigerator for two days prior to cooking. Never thaw a turkey at room temperature. •Brush the bird with melted butter before roasting. This will help in browning and flavor. •Baste only at the beginning of the roasting process. •Cook your turkey on a rack. •Roast the bird with the breast side down for the first hour. •Use a meat thermometer for best results. The turkey should read 165°F when it is done. •Save the drippings for gravy. •After cooking, cover the the turkey and allow it to rest for about 30 minutes.

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